THE VOICEBOX Vol 45 Issue 20

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“The definition of feminism is equality for all genders. So what do feminists do? Create ‘International Women’s Day.’ Hipocrasy [sic] much?"

Every week, I prepare to engage in responses for The Voicebox, and I usually don my ‘silly sarcastic’ or ‘sassy bitch’ hat. This week, those hats have no place in terms of answering a question such as this. I don’t actually have a name for the hat I am wearing in answering this, so I will name it “Everyday Toque”.

It is wrong for me to call people names, tell them their opinion is wrong or stupid, and to get angry and write a response. Very wrong. I shouldn’t do any of those things. But I am about to do not one of them, but all three. You, frankly, need to be hit upside the head with an inflatable bat, and then be sent to a corner to think about things. But before that, you need to be educated to understand what some things are really about.

You need to get off your fucking horse. I should not assume you are a male, so I will say IF you are (and you’re not a self-hating woman), you really need to become read and versed in the historical struggle that women, as a gender, have faced worldwide, and throughout history that continues to this day. Basic shit that you get to do like make decisions, think for yourself, and choose your government? Yeah, women around the world have fought for the right to be able to do that. Not to do anything MORE than their equal male counterparts, but just to be on the same level. In many parts of the world, women can’t choose what to do with the unborn babies in their wombs, decide who will run their government, or even walk around showing more than an inch of their face.

I really have an issue with people saying “Why isn’t there a White History Month?” or “Where’s the Straight Pride Parade?” Every fucking day is white history day. Every moment is a straight pride parade. It’s the same thing for women. Misogyny still exists today. Women are bought and sold against their will in some parts of the world. Even in Canada, abuse on women, both mental and physical, is a huge issue. So don’t you dare ask what International Women’s Day has to do with equality.

So the next time you think of asking me, or anyone, such a ridiculous, shameless, and self-involved question, think about your words for a moment. It’s hateful, uneducated, and fucking pathetic.

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