Capilano Courier,
On page three of the March 5th Capilano Courier, there is a comment in "The Voicebox" calling ARAMARK "Pig Dogs" for the price charged for a "Granola Bar and a Red Wine".

I would like to point out that ARAMARK does not sell wine on campus, and we do not operate the concession for the Theatre where wine is offered. The comments are inaccurate and offensive and I would like an immediate retraction.

Dan Traviss
Food Service Director
ARAMARK, HIgher Education
Capilano University

The Courier would like to apologize for any misconceptions that were caused by the Voicebox suggesting that Aramark was responsible for selling wine on campus, as evidently they do not. The Voicebox is written in a satirical style, and nothing said in that space is meant to reflect true news. We are sorry that it was misunderstood, and in the future we will be more careful to ensure no offensive statements are made, as this instance was an editorial error on our part. The comments in question do not reflect the views of our newspaper as a non-profit publishing society, and were meant to be taken light-heartedly as sarcasm, though we agree that the comments were taken too far. We understand your concern, and appreciate that you contacted us. We cannot stress enough that no offense was intended, and we did not mean to upset anyone or spread false information.

In the future we will be publishing articles that include many fun facts about ARAMARK and their food services, and any students with concerns about either should contact us at We welcome all points of views, and will gladly publish letters discussing both the benefits and drawbacks that an exclusivity contract has at a university.

The Courier Editors

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