//Samantha Thompson

The CSU’s Special General Meeting (SGM) saw plenty of debate, though not on the motions that were meant to be discussed. The meeting, which occurred on Nov. 24, had been called as a result of unfinished business at the Annual General Meeting that took place in October. However, the SGM still only made it through part of its agenda before losing quorum and adjourning.

The first motion to be discussed was related to the dollar value of contracts that the executive committee has the power to enter into without additional approval from the student membership. The amount was increased from $1,000 to $25,000.

The next item for discussion was a series of budget amendments. In error, the CSU had
budgeted twice for one of their items, and in fixing that mistake, they had additional funds
to reallocate. All of the budget amendments passed, which included money allocated to
purchasing a new games table, more money to send delegates to meetings of the Canadian Federation of Students, and an increase in legal fees from $2,000 to $22,000. All of the budget
amendments passed without discussion. The third item was in mainly regard to remuneration
of the executives for portfolio positions such as policy and finance. The monthly remuneration would be increased from $100 to $250. In addition, the remuneration for Staff Relations Officer would be increased from $100 to $400.

However, there were concerns raised about members of the executive voting on a resolution
that would increase how much they were paid, because there was a conflict of interest bylaw that was recently amended at a general meeting. It was determined that the conflict of interest bylaw policy only has an effect on executives at executive meetings. A motion was moved requesting that the executives did not vote on the remuneration resolution; however, the motion failed.

At this time, quorum was called, and the chair ruled that the necessary quorum of forty people had been lost. It was pointed out that several members had stepped outside for a smoke break, and there was extensive debate over whether or not the meeting could continue, and whether or not the students outside were part of quorum. After much discussion, the meeting resumed with quorum and the motion regarding remuneration passed, with executives also voting on the motion.

Quorum was called again and this time could not be regained, and thus the meeting was adjourned. What will happen with the remaining agenda items remains to be determined, although unless they are resubmitted to a future general meeting, their existence will have died upon conclusion of the CSU’s Special General Meeting.

By Samantha Thompson
// Editor-in-Chief

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