Well, that about does it for another year of poorly articulated opinion. Don't bother looking for our Voicebox team next Tuesday afternoon, because they won't be there. We'll see you next year. In the meantime, you can watch episodes of our hit video-series Scoop Scoopers online, at www.capilanocourier.com.

There was me and one other table, and she came up to me and said, 'What would you like?' And I said 'A chocolate milkshake' and then she walked away, then came right back and said, 'What kind of milkshake was that? Strawberry?' No. It was chocolate. What the hell.
[This girl was ranting about a waitress at Denny's. -Rachelle]

When people ask me what I'm eating and then I tell them what I'm eating and they give me a look like 'Ew, why are you eating that...' Like, agh. Don't judge me because of what I'm eating. Let me eat.

[First voice] Okay, what's with all the fucking couches, like, disappearing from the birch building? Um, a lot of the theater kids, like, basically live here and those couches are a source of somewhere to sleep and eat... and where are they going?
[Second voice] Fact: last week i was walking in the caf, and I saw many musical theater students sitting on a couch. One too many musical theater kids. And it broke. So maybe thats where the couches are going.
[First voice] Holy shit!

Hello there, and uh, good afternoon. Welcome to the Capilano Courier! My name is Blake and uh, yes please, and to everyone their own work.
[I realize this makes no sense, but if you’ve ever met Blake you’d understand. Blake is awesome. -Rachelle]

I don't like it when people come up to you and talk about how you're doing bad in the world, when it wasn't even your fault that Tim Hortons gave you two bags.

So my comment for this day, or week? Week. Is, why is it people say they don't have any comments when they always do. They always have comments on something. I walk down and I say 'Hey look at that cow over there' and I say, 'I don't like that color blue.' If you disagree, thats a comment. And why is it people asking for comments don't comment? You clearly have a comment, why don't you comment, if you love comments so much? Thats... thats my comment.
[Good comment. -Giles]

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