University underwhelmed by number of voters

The Senate and Board of Governor elections of 2010 occurred while remaining relatively unnoticed by the student population, according to a recent Courier survey. This was one of the first online elections to be held at Capilano. The Courier was recently given access to the number of ballots that were actually cast during the voting period. 72 people voted in the Board of Governor elections and 71 in the Senate. These numbers are less than in previous years, as in the Board of Governors' Spring election in 2009, 104 people voted, and in the Senate’s election in Fall 2008, 304 people voted. In both cases, the numbers are lower than the turnout for the CSU’s elections in respective years.

Tabled no more

After waiting half an hour for quorum, the CSU’s Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) was finally able to get underway last Tuesday, March 23rd. There were five Special Resolutions in the agenda, and all passed. The motions that caused the most controversy were the proposal to ban slates from CSU elections, and a motion detailing the number of representatives the CSU had to send to the Canadian Federation of Students’ annual meetings. The motion regarding the CFS now reads, “The Association may send a minimum of two delegates...”, which means that the CSU is not required to send any number of delegates at any meeting. This motion has been under debate for several CSU general meetings, but has previously ended up being tabled until the next AGM or SAGM.

CFS-BC Power changes hands

Following the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Federation of Students – British Columbia (CFS-BC) earlier this year, a new person will be taking over the reins from the man who has been running the organization for the past four years. Shamus Reid, who did not run again for chairperson this year, will be stepping down. “Being elected four times has been a huge honour and a privilege,” he says. He plans to spend more time with his partner, and to turn his focus onto completing his degree. CFS-BC’s new chairperson will be Nimmi Takkar, starting on May 1st. The CFS-BC will be on campus on March 30th, as Capilano is having a day for their Education Shouldn’t be a Debt Sentence campaign.

School ends, student fundraisers continue

Capilano students are holding a plethora of fundraisers over the next two months to benefit a wide variety of organizations. One such fundraiser is called OneNight for 1 Day, and it will take the form of a benefit concert organized by Ella Batten of the Global Stewardship program. The concert will be comprised of a variety of performance art. Proceeds go to imagine1day, an organization that aims to provide an education to every Ethiopian child by 2020. Tickets are $20, and the event is on May 4th at the Kay Meek Centre.

//Samantha Thompson
assistant news editor


The Capilano Students' Union Executive Committee has issued a recommendation that Kris Bulcroft be selected as the new University president. Two other candidates are being interviewed, currently. CSU representatives have attended several public meetings and forums with all the candidates, and determined that the Caslano, Switzerland resident would best represent student interests. Bulcroft has a Doctorate degree in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota, and she is currently working as the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Franklin College in Switzerland. 

The other two candidates are Patrick Donahoe, current Vice President of Student and Insititutional Support at Capilano, and Jim Madder, who is the Executive Vice President Academic at Red Deer College in Alberta.

//Natalie Corbo
News Editor

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