Ripped abs more important than acting chops

With a crooked smile, they can reduce a legion of girls into a mass of screaming,  blubbering hysteria. You know the kind of mass I’m talking about: dozens of girls crying their eyes out, make-up running down their faces as they see the aforementioned crooked smiler walk past.
But why all the fuss for someone with a sexy smile? Well, welcome to the world of the teenage heart-throb.
They’ve been around for decades, morphing slightly to suit what’s in vogue at the time. Back in the 50’s, when rock n’ roll was starting to become mainstream, we had Elvis Presley, seducing girls with his rebellious dances moves and his melodic voice. In the 80’s, with the rise of TV sit-coms and cliché movies, we were bombarded with the likes of John Stamos, the Coreys, Johnny Depp and a whole roster of other pretty poster boys. In the 90’s, the era of boy bands, we had the Backstreet boys, N’Sync and New Kids on the Block.
But what made them so popular?
A combination of having a fresh face, pearly whites and a certain non-threatening manner certainly helped, but that wasn’t all. They were a part of what was insanely popular during the time where they still had their ridiculous good looks and long locks of hair. So what causes a teen idol being to be worshipped by millions of screaming banshees in today's culture? Well, luckily, we’ve compiled a list for you.
Being a vampire:
Yes, sadly enough, this in one sure fire way to wangle your way into tween girls' hearts. With the insane popularity of Twilight, girls everywhere are clamouring to get ahold of their very own vampire -- but sadly enough, they are only interested in the sparkly variety. A compromise might be an industrial-sized container of body glitter, but at the price of masculine pride, it might not be the best idea. Girls are going gaga over the cold brooding boy with pale skin, which might be easier to pull off in the long run.
Having those ‘flippy’ bangs:
Just look at Zac Efron and the newest kid on the forefront, Justin Beiber. Something about that slight extension of hair that obscures half their vision makes blushes flood across the faces of girls everywhere. And when they flip it out of their eyes, only to have it fall back into place a moment later, simply irresistible.
Being non-threatening, even when the shirt comes off:
Just google Taylor Lautner and you’re guaranteed to be overcome with images of his eight-pack shining through the fine layer of baby oil. Despite this obvious display of masculinity, the shields come down when one of two things happen: your brain short-circuits, or his disarming smile melts your heart. The key to their success is essentially giving the illusion that they are a nice boy-next-door type, and not a sketchy guy who has an unusual taste in LG's. Just look at every single pin-up picture of a teen sensation, and they’ve got that smile on their face that makes you think “what a nice young gentleman”. Some may disagree and say that ‘bad-boys’ also have incredible sex appeal, but come on, we all know that deep down inside those guys just need more hugs and the approval of daddy.
Have a smokin’ hot body:
No denying this fact -- a hot set of abs and a pair of guns sticking out from a t-shirt will get any girl. In fact, that is what makes most guys this famous these days. Talent is overrated anyways.
Of course the list goes on, but these are the core ideas behind the hormonally charged machine of sex appeal. Teen sensations will always be around. It gives young girls a usually healthy crush on someone unobtainable, until they find a real boy and take down the posters plastering their walls.

//Haley Wickshaw

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