with Jordan Potter

“Maybe its me maybe its the meth but im giving serious thought to eating your wife...” [Via Text]

The meth has also affected your spelling.

“I'm seeing the new Harry Potter movie tonight at midnight but I haven't seen any of the other ones so–”

[Second voice] “Have you read the books?”

[First voice] “No, I haven't read the books either. I don't know anything. So hopefully I like it.”

Yeah, you'll probably love it.

“Does anyone else think that the library building should be renamed after a tree? Why is it the odd one out? It’s difficult to distinguish between the building and the library itself. Call it Ash, or Willow, or Coconut or anything… There’s way more than 5 trees out there, so there’s no excuse.” [Via Text]

We at the Courier have started referring to the library as Coconut. Thanks for the suggestion.

“I was at a Remembrance Day ceremony and right during the middle of the solemn part, this ringtone started going off and everyone laughed. It wasn't funny though, I was mad.”

“In the latest pixel problems you talk about Daigo like he’s the best...but you’re completely off the mark. Daigo is like DBZ’s Freiza. He seems strong, but isn’t even close to the final boss. Daigo may be the beast, but he was trained by the king. Mago.” [Via Text]

I will fight you.

...at Street Fighter.

“The Courier is good but I think you need to have more sex-related content. People like to read about sex. Sincerely, Alison.”

Dear Alison: You're in luck! This week's issue is rich with sexual content. Also, when you're talking to the voicebox, you don't need to say your name. Sincerely, Jordan.

I hate... Capilano.”

This girl didn't know what to say so we just asked her what she hated.

“McDonald's Monopoly is over but you can still win stuff if you have the pieces. But I can't get any new game pieces and I have three of the railroads. So... uh... if you have a Shortline Railroad, please email me and we'll split the sports adventure.”

This guy forgot to tell us his email address.

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