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“The problem with this school is that I’ve been going here
for two years, and half of my credits won’t count if I want to
transfer to somewhere on the other side of the country. Like
Harvard, or somewhere like that.”
[harvard is in America. -Giles]

“So I got a haircut on Sunday, and everyone keeps telling
me that it looks way better. Like, people are like, ‘Hey, nice
haircut, it looks way better.’ But, like, was my haircut so bad
before? Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me?”

“This 5 Days for Homelessness thing is silly. The people
actually have no idea what it’s like to be homeless. I know
this, because I was almost homeless once.”
[I don’t know what ‘almost homeless’ means, but that’s rough,
chum. -Giles]

“Did you notice that the cafeteria guy cut his hair? What’s
up with that?”
[Why don’t you ask him? -Giles]
“I’m glad Avatar didn’t win [the Oscar] for best picture.”
[Second voice] “I disagree!”
[First voice] “You disagree that I’m glad?”

“Has anyone ever actually tried one of these penis-enlarg-
ment things that you get in your email? I’m concerned that
someone actually invented a working penis-enlargement
drug, and everyone’s just ignoring it.”

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