“They shut down Geocities! Gone is my poetry site! Gone is my potential
band site! Gone is my jokes site! Gone is my parody site! Gone is my
site that let users put falling roses on their own Geocities sites!”

“Go buy a BLT from Criss Angel at Grillworks.”

[Everyone should actually do this, if they're planning on buying
food from Aramark. That shit only costs three bucks, and the bacon is
amazing. - Giles]

“How do you pronounce Gerry Weir? Jerry Wear? Jerry Weer? Jehgeery
Weer? Shakira Wear?”

[I believe it is, indeed, “Shakira Wear”. -Giles

“I just bought a banana with my debit card.”

“I think there's a shortage of well-decorated yoga facilities in
this city. I don't think there are any, actually. I went to this new
yoga place yesterday and they had royal blue carpets.”

[There's a long pause on the recording after this opinion. -Giles]

“I bought a Twitter this week.”

[Second voice] “What?”

[First voice] “Yeah, on Craigslist... he got me a good deal. It
basically just looks like a computer with a fax machine attached, but
it cost 200 dollars. So now I have Twitter, I can do Twitter now.”

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