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Do you have a problem? Are you a REAL KID? Send in your questions to our panel of REAL CELEBRITIES as voted in by you! No problem is too serious. They have the life experience and money, you have all the problems. Let them help you. It's REAL KIDZ ASK, REAL CELEBRITIEZ ANSWER!

Ben asks: I'm having some serious problems making friends at school. I have an extreme anxiety condition and I just can't seem to function normally in a social setting. It's so bad I shake and sweat which only makes me more embarrassed. My parents always ask me why I'm always at home alone and not out with friends. I feel ashamed and socially inadequate. How should I deal with this?

Zac Efron: Have you seen my haircut? If you have hair like mine, everyone will love you. *swoosh* First off, you need a good stylist. I have someone flown in from Versailles just to work on my hair. You then need to consult a follicologist in order to find the exact oil balance essential in maintaining your hair's unique illustrious shine and bounce. Get this sorted out, and probably learn to sing. Keep your chin up!!! :D

Martha asks: I have really bad skin, and I don't have enough money to buy any effective acne products. My parents recently divorced and I ended up moving onto a houseboat with my great grandmother, where the hygienic facilities are sub par, exacerbating my skin condition. She spends our money on her online poker addiction making any hope of medical treatment impossible. My skin gives me low self  esteem and it's making everything horrible. I'm so sad all the time. What should I do?
Miley Cyrus answers: OMG I love boats! My dad BILLY RAY CYRUS has this houseboat in the Bahamas, I like that you call them houseboats. He calls them yachts.

Ella asks: I love my boyfriend, and I think we should take it to the next level. He is somewhat hesitant to lose his virginity, though, because he thinks people are going to call him a slut. How do I make him feel comfortable with the notion of losing his virginity? Or am I being unfair in pressuring him into doing something he doesn't want to do?

Joe Jonas answers: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't du it!!! gross! not unless ur married with the dude. Not unless u wanna get pregnet!!!!!!! I cant belive you want tu du that. The best thing is to order a set of Promise Rings from the jonis brothrs website and put it on ur fingur and never ever ever ever ever ever take it off. Unles you marry the dude.


Brad: I'm in my first relationship, and everything has been going really great so far. We are starting to hit a hang up, though, and I need some advice. This week, one of her close friends told her she saw me last week in the Cafeteria hanging out with some other girls and supposedly smiling and flirting with them. I do occasionally spend time with other students in the caf, and generally I enjoy myself. I'm just a social person and that's not something I can change. This distrust is pushing us apart, why can my girlfriend not see her friend is trying to manipulate her emotions? Is this going to create a terrible wedge in our relationship? What do I do?
R Kelly answers: Be like, just because your friend say she saw me at a caf with some other bitches sitting in VIP smoking and drinking and kicking it, tell me girl, did she say there were other guys there? Were there other guys there? Well, tell me this: how the fuck she knew I was with them other girls then, when the whole caf packed. I've been with you five years and you listening to your motherfucking girlfriends?! I don't know why you fuck with them all jealous, no man-havin' ass hoes anyway. Real talk.


Ashley asks: I have been having some problems at school with rumours. I know you probably get this all the time but it's starting to really effect my social life negatively. It's so extreme that my boyfriend broke up with me out of sheer embarrassment. Me and my friend Janine recently had a bad fight. In retaliation, she spread a rumour about me saying that I had a penis. Normally I would just shrug it off, but people are going as far as to put up pictures from Facebook around the school. In the pictures my jeans are bunched up, giving the illusion of an erection. I'm really at a loss for solutions, and I'm considering changing schools. What should I do?

Lady Gaga answers: Tuck it.

//Marco Ferreira and Sarah Vitet
Big Bad John and Megaman

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