New CSU position created

A new student position has been developed within the Capilano Students' Union for a Membership Outreach Assistant. The position is creative and well suited for a graphic design student interested in expanding their portfolio and participating in CSU functions and activities.

The position was created with Capilano’s design student in mind, particularly those in the IDEA program. Duties will include assisting permanent employees with the production of CSU Election campaign material, publishing the Students' Union Newsletter, and promoting CSU Clubs and Club activities.

To carry out the day-to-day activities within the school, the Capilano Students' Union employs Project Employees. PE's differ from the Executives, as Executives are voted into the Students Union. PE's are hired and paid an hourly wage. The executives, such as the Queer Students Liaison and Educational Issues Coordinator, are responsible for holding CSU sponsored events for their respective committees. They rely on Project Employees to help with the practical design and production of newsletters and other promotional material. The CSU also hosts Orientation/Welcome Back as well as a Used Book Sale, and help is needed with the promotional material for both events.

The Assistant would be a Project Employee for a one-year term and would receive the standard student employee rate of pay plus an additional two dollars per hour. The commitment required for this job is 16.5 hours a week, covered over three days. A potential candidate would be needed for five and a half hours a day, and the days are set to a mutually agreeable schedule. The hired candidate would also be needed from mid-August through mid-May.

Employment on campus is limited, but it provides an opportunity for a young design student to have their work used at Capilano University. Just as the University newspaper requires student writers to publish the weekly newspaper, the Student Union needs upcoming designers to add to the visual representation of the CSU.

Another aspect of this position is planning the content and selling advertisement space in the Student Handbook. A person in this area would be dealing with the public and creating marketable space that will be sold to businesses. This opportunity gives students an introduction into advertising and practical business experience. Students not previously in business programs may find an interest in one of the various aspects of the Capilano Student Union.

The Student Union is currently working out all the details in the proposed job offer and are expected to open the position in January 2010.

//Andrew Kirkpatrick

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