This motherfucking hoodie is adorned with
gleaming silver panthers. It’s so great. Suck
it, opinions editor, go put on another cardi-
gan. [I don’t even own a cardigan. -Jordan]

 They sell popcorn at the CSU. That’s why
it smells like poison cheese in there all the
time. This guy rocks, though. I like him.
Cool dude. Wanna hang out?

Holy shit, this guy said his name was
Edward Cullen. That's the guy from Buffy
the vampire Slayer, I’m pretty sure. He
is rocking the alt-look. He probably likes
Broken Social Scene.

Farmer chic, this look is in. Style tip: jean
holes are important. look as though you
just bent down to pick up a bail of hay.

Model through it. looks like he’s in Creed.

This guy looks like he’s selling glow sticks on
the side to support his learning habit. I love
the sensible winter jacket. Dressed for the
weather. A real man.

The sex pirates just moored their ship at
Boner Wharf.

“Subdued Steam punk.”

The Sweet Valley High Quadruplets.

Sarah Vitet and Marco Ferreira
// Filth Mongers

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