CSU Interested In Expansion: Preliminary discussions about extended student space underway

The Capilano Students ’ Union (CSU) have expressed an interest in expanding student space on Campus. Trevor Page, chairperson of the CSU executive committee, is currently undergoing discussions with Dr. Greg Lee, President of Capilano University, about the different possibilities of extended, designated student space. “New and improved student space has been identified as a priority for Capilano University,” mentioned Page in his letter to Dr. Greg Lee. This new student space proposal is mostly meant for academic and educational purposes.

The recent announcement about the new film centre to be built has sparked an opportunity for the CSU to recommend an expansion of its presence. The CSU is currently on the north side of campus but also wants to be on the south side of campus to allow more services to be available for students, and for students to be more involved in campus activities. Dr. Greg Lee offered an administrative perspective, saying that “we support more campus activities” and that the CSU being on the south campus is “certainly desirable.” As to how this would be funded, the “costs associated with the new space would not require increasing student fees.

The Students' Union currently collects a building levy for the acquisition and management of space. This levy cannot be used without membership (the student body) approval,” stated Page. There has been very little discussions on how to best utilize the student space on the south campus. It may possibly become a “multi-use space with the possibility of a lounge, meeting, and services configuration,” suggested Page. “I would like to be clear: no discussion about student space can be finalized without input from the student body,” stressed Page. “This discussion is still tentative, as any final decision must be approved by the Union’s membership at a General meeting.”

Lydia Adeli Writer

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