// Re: Saxton should be defending our right to vote

MP Andrew Saxton claims he ran "a clean and honest local campaign" and Conservatives had nothing to do with any misleading calls (North Shore News, March 2, 2012), which they dismiss out of hand.

Yet nothing could be more serious. Our democracy depends on each and every citizen being able to vote for their choice for government. Interfering with that right is crime that former Chief Electoral Officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley said may deserve jail time.

All MPs should condemn any interference in voting, but Mr. Saxton and the Conservative Party are trying to muddy the waters and hide the problem.

Maybe that’s because the allegations seem to benefit Conservative candidates. Maybe because after four years of denial, the Conservative Party was convicted of breaking the law by election exceeding spending limits in 2006 by more than a million dollars.

Too much has happened to dismiss this as the work of a single rogue. Something deeply disturbing is happening to our democracy.

Mr. Saxton should be standing up for a Canada that protects your right to vote, not turning a blind eye.

Yours sincerely,

Wayne Easter, MP
Liberal Party of Canada

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