THE VOICEBOX Vol. 45 Issue 18

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“Polling my friends to find out ‘Who is your favourite diva?’ Personally, I gotta go with my girl Mary J. Blige, but Janet was a close second. So I ask you, Voicebox, who is yours?”

Wow, yo. We are in two completely different diva realms. In my 2012 list of “top divas”, Mary J placed #98 and Janet didn’t even chart! Let me tell you some of my favourite selections.

#1. Beyoncé. I can’t believe there is a question, but for those of you who need confirmation, I would highly recommend laying in your bed in the dark, turning on “I Miss You”, and counting exactly how many drops of tears exit your now-emotionally-raw eyeballs. She also coined the phrase “Diva is a female version of a hustla.” Not certain I agree, but props nonetheless.

#5. David Bowie. The ultimate man diva! Bowie had a lollipop thrown in his eye at a concert and his sassy response was “That was my good eye!” What a good sport. He also wore a Zoo York hoodie on Ellen once, visually declaring, “Look at all the fucks I give.”

#7. Shakira. Completely underappreciated on so many levels, but I really don’t know how one person can simultaneously combine smart, sexy, and endearing. She does it! I challenge you to contest that. Also, watching the video for “She Wolf” alone is one of the better choices I’ve made in the 21st century. Legs wide open in a cage isn’t necessarily setting women ahead, but she’s not a woman she’s a WOLF, you idiots.

#29. Kelly Clarkson. Haters gonna hate. I think it’s sufficient to say Kelly looks like the type of girl who could out-Jagerbomb the best of us, and I’m pretty down with that. She also refuses to update her wardrobe, and there’s something about her commitment to early-2000s era “peasant” fashion choices that has gone so far into embarrassing territory that she’s made it awesome again.

#31. Alanis Morissette. When I was 13, “Jagged Little Pill” meant the world to me. It’s still pretty much downright perfect. I saw her in concert the day Obama was elected, and even years removed from her rage stage, she still swung that hair around like nobody’s business.

#86. Kim Carnes. I know absolutely nothing about her other than she sang “Bette Davis Eyes”, which is the greatest song of all time. That alone is enough for me to assume she’s awesome.

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