Niche dating sites for every demographic imaginable
// Leah Scheitel

In today’s busy world, online dating has become commonplace. More and more people are using the Internet to find dates and lovers, causing the online dating industry to be worth more than $1.4 billion a year. According to Forbes, it has surpassed porn as the highest revenue generator on the web.

Shannon Smith is the Personal Relations Coordinator for Plenty of Fish, one of the better known free dating websites. She says that online dating is gaining popularity because of people’s lack of time.

“People are leading busier lives than ever, and finding the time to meet quality people can be difficult,” she explains. “By using online dating sites, users can meet people they are compatible with at a time that works best for them.”

Since its debut in 2003, Plenty of Fish now boasts over 39.5 million users worldwide, and that number is expected to reach 40 million by Valentine’s Day.

“Now that we’re moving into 2012, the benefits of online dating are more apparent than ever,” Smith says. “Our members have the opportunity to communicate with an extremely diverse group of people who they would most likely never meet otherwise. Also, users can automatically see if they may be interested in someone without having to meet them first. From viewing a profile, users can get a great idea about someone’s hobbies, interests, cultural preferences, and values, which is all important information that most typical [not-online] daters will not learn until after a few dates.”

Many “mainstream” sites like Match and Lavalife (and even POF) ask customers to fill out extensive questionnaires to help narrow down their matches, but sometimes it still leaves too many potential partners. Because of that, niche dating websites have become increasingly more popular, as users can ensure that the people they meet on their niche site already have a strong common interest or lifestyle. The hope is that this will speed up the dating process, and alleviate awkward first dates by giving you topics to bond over. Here is a list of ten sites that might help you find a more specifically perfect partner.

1). “The friendly place for virgins to meet” is the tagline for this dating site. The founders of the site conduct extensive background research on the users to ensure that they are actually virgins, and not just people who like to pop cherries.

“We will believe them to be virgins only if we can corroborate their honesty,” the site proclaims in the FAQ’s about how they know their members are virgins. They have details about the background checks performed on all users, and because of this I didn’t even bother trying to lie to get an account.

The standard membership is free but they do offer upgrades that cost depending on the package.

2). For women who like mustaches and men who like growing them. With a mere 700 members, this site hasn’t gained as much popularity as others, but if you can grow a quality Tom Selleck style mustache, there is a good chance you’ll find the perfect girl on here.

However, the site is alarmingly hard to navigate, and has a basic format that is not appealing to use. In three days of trying, I still haven’t successfully discovered how to message anyone. It’s part of the Passions network, which has over 200 dating services under its umbrella. Beerpassions. com and are just as difficult to navigate.

3). This is an online mecca for AB/DL, which translates to Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. These are people that like to be treated as a baby and those who like to care for them. Currently this site boasts over 12,000 members from around the world, but is based in the Netherlands. According to Alexa Statistics, 51 per cent of the DiaperMates traffic comes from the US, and 47.4 per cent of the Canadian traffic comes from Owen Sound, Ontario.

5). Why toke alone when there might be a cutie just around the corner who’d love to join you? This dating service is supposedly for people whose longest romantic relationship is with Mary Jane and want to meet others who share the same acceptance of weed.

This site gets an average of 6,850 visitors per month. I signed up and after three days, curiously, the only messages I received were from men in Nigeria asking for my cell number. After researching reviews, I found many warnings about this site.

“This is not a legitimate dating site,” says one of the reviews. “Do not give them any personal information. You will get emails in bad English from West African countries.” Apparently, the site is a marketing program just used to sell advertising based on web traffic, so I deleted my account.

6). So you meet a great cutie and talk to them for hours over coffee. At the end of the conversation you discover that they are a PC user, and don’t own any Apple products, and you are immediately repulsed. If this has ever happened to you, check out this site. It’s designed for Apple fanatics to find other Mac-heads in their local area.

Unlike other dating sites, it has a very clean and simple look, inspired by the Mac product packaging. Once signed up, it was very user-friendly. To show your interest in someone, you can “Mac Him”, “Write a Message”, or “Meet him at the nearest Mac Store”. It can be used exclusively on Apple products, which means you actually cannot sign up if you don’t own a Mac.

7). This is just one of multiple examples of dating websites for big and beautiful women (BBW) and big and handsome men (BHM), and the people who admire them (Fat Admirers). According to Alexa Statistics, there are about 30 sites catering to this niche. No need to use photographs from high school or employ extensive Photoshop techniques on these sites.

8). This service is for people with sexually transmitted diseases and infections, which eases the burden of disclosure. The site offers customers a live chat with counselors about living STI-positive, and how to go about living a regular life with a disease.

Members must specify what types of diseases or infections they have, so that others know what they are getting into. As of 2009, there were more than 65,000 Canadians living HIV positive, and over 400 million people worldwide are living with various types of STI’s. Like most dating sites, on PositiveSingles, members can seek matches with people of the same sex as well as the opposite sex. Roughly five per cent of the users are from Canada.

9). Live long and prosper together. This is a site where guys who dreamt about being Captain Kirk and girls that dreamt about being with him can mingle. Not strictly for Trekkies, the site has 56 different groups, all targeting a different sci-fi fan base. With 4686 members, Star Trek was by far the most popular group. Matrix fans have 2387 people to talk to, and the Douglas Adams group has 1162 members. According to Alexa Statistics, TrekPassions “is visited more frequently by males who are in the age range 25-34, have no children, are college educated, and browse this site from home.” No kidding.

10). “What do you think was the main symbolism of Dagny Taggart’s visions in the early chapters of Atlas Shrugged?” isn’t a great pick up line in most bars, but will win hearts on this site. Its members are fans of Ayn Rand and her books such as Atlas Shrugged, and The Fountainhead. It features columns and chat forums about her work, and has over 15,000 dating profiles, allowing objective idealists to meet one another.

“The worst thing any young objectivist really hates to hear is ‘Oh, I read Ayn Rand in college. You’ll grow out of it,’” says founder Joshua Zader.

“The amazing thing is how many of us don’t grow out of it. Her philosophy is something you have to grow into.”

By creating TheAtalasphere, Zader welcomed a niche client base that likely had a difficult time finding someone who shared a love of Rand’s work on a generic dating site. According to Alexa Statistics, that client base is primarily “males who are over 65 years old, have no children, and received some college education.”
With all of these online options, it’s a wonder any of us are still single.


-Top 3 things guys lie about: age, height, and income.

-Top 3 things girls lie about: weight, physical build, and age.

-Customers of dating sites spend an average of $239 per year.

-Currently there are over 1.4 billion online daters around the world.

-25% of Canadians have tried online dating in the past year.

//Leah Scheitel, writer
//Graphics by Stefan Tosheff

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