Celina’s top six tips

Summer is over! It’s raining again, and you can’t wear shorts or rompers anymore (unless you are one of those lucky people who can make them work with tights). Nothing in your closet matches the bleak grey sky, wah wah wah, what are you going to do?
Wait! Change that to “ha ha ha” because duh, you can go shopping! Here are a couple hot fashion tips for you to look hot in the cool, cool weather:

Number One: The Jegging
Let us start with the pant that has taken the world by storm! Since the jegging first started gaining popularity roughly last spring, it has gone through a bit of an evolution. What started as a basically a legging painted to look like a jean, the word “jegging” is now additionally used to refer to what used to be called “really stretchy skinny jeans” and, even more recently, thick leggings with zippers and pockets (like jeans, but without the denim). Comfortable, warm, and cute, these are a must-have this fall season. “I love my jeggings! I would die without them!” says Alie Lynch, Capilano student.

Number Two: The Chunky Knit
“What I’m seeing a lot of this season is big, cozy sweaters to offset the super skinny pant,” says Sears fashion consultant Francesca. Neutral tones, such as greys and camel brown, are key. “It’s all about feeling cozy as the days get colder.” The cocoon-style sweater is a great go-to shape that looks good on most body types and is hitting store shelves everywhere, from Sears to American Apparel.

Number Three: Cute Boot
It’s time to put sandals in storage and bring on the boots! “The lace-up ankle boot is something I’m seeing everywhere and loving!” says university student/fashion enthusiast Paige Smith, “Especially with a little heel.” Check out Aldo for a cute and affordable version of this. Another surprising new trend in footwear is the combat boot, the notable name brand being Doc Martens, which have started selling like hotcakes at hipster hub Urban Outfitters. Also, Pro Tip: don’t be afraid of socks this year, as they’ve been popping up on runways across the globe, little ankle socks with pumps and longer socks spilling over a boot.

Number Four: Dress to Impress Your Grandmother
The late ‘50s and early ‘60s dress style is super in right now. “It’s all about the retro fashions,” explains Francesca. Sheath dresses with a peek-a-boo back, as well as dresses with full skirts are back with a bang, possibly due to the popularity of such TV shows as Mad Men. To rock the housewife look, you can also try pairing a longer, full, high-waisted skirt with a fitted top (to avoid dowdiness) or even a sexy see-through top to give it a bit of an edge. This style goes great with the vintage-pump-with-ankle sock, or the lace-up ankle boot.

Number Five: Lace Lace Lace Lace Lace
Lace! It’s always been out there but it seems like this trend has just been building up steam until now. Now is the time to not be afraid to wear a see through shirt with nothing on underneath but your bra. Stores are full of lace t-shirts and tank tops in all colours of the rainbow. Pair it with a more conservative bottom so as not to look “skanky” and make sure you bring a sweater, as unfortunately, no matter how hot you look, it ain’t gonna keep you warm.

Number Six: Ack!cessories, Hey Don’t Be Scared
If you are the type who is afraid of goofy bling, big headpieces and the like, now is your time to shine. Going in the same direction as the classic dress shapes, it’s all about simple, classic jewelry pieces and accessories. A strand of pearls, or a locket on a chain are great starting places, and you can go long for a more dramatic effect. Something I’m really excited about is the arrival of the cape! Capes, cloaks, capelets and ponchos (and don’t think gortex rain ponchos or hippy ponchos because those don’t count) have all been hitting the runway this season. Grab something in brown tweed (Americana!) as outerwear, or in a lighter fabric for indoors.

Remember: there are a lot of trends happening, and it’s easy to pick up cheap knock-offs from places like Urban Planet and Sirens. However, if you really want quality pieces that are going to be standing items in your closet for more than a couple months, it’s always worth it to spend a little extra money (or lurk the clearance/sale sections and buy things that are worth a lot of money for a fraction of the price). So bring out the plastic, ladies, and let’s get to it!

//Celina Kurz

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