There are a variety of important motions to be considered at this spring's CSU Semi-Annual General Meeting. Notably, with Motion Six, the CSU would like to strike bylaw V that requires them to send two delegates to National Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) general meetings and three delegates to Provincial CFS general meetings.

The passing of this motion would solve a discrepancy between their budget and their bylaws. The issue is that if no one volunteers to go to the CFS General Meetings, then they are not required to send anyone and the CSU may lack representation at that meeting.


The Speech from the Throne at the beginning of this month sparked a lot of interest amongst Canadians. The Speech mentioned jobs as the top priority, along with the freezing of salaries for the Prime Minister, Ministers, MPs, and Senators; along with plans to celebrate the War of 1812. Much discussion was also centered around the suggestion that Parliament be asked to change the wording of O Canada to reflect gender neutrality (“in all thy sons command”). This proposal caused over a thousand people to join a Facebook fan page where the members expressed their discontent, saying things like, “Who the heck thought up this lame brained plan anyway?” A recent post informed members their voice had been heard, and that the Conservatives have decided to drop the idea to revise the national anthem. “Hopefully,” the post reads, “the national anthem will never again be used as a political football.” Jian Ghomeshi speculated on the CBC that it was a Conservative ruse to avoid dealing with the Afghanistan Detainee case. 


Capilano University film studies graduate Dominique Basi has delved deep into cat culture with a dramatic short film about her own cat. In solidarity with the “I Can Haz Cheezburger” movement, the Capilano Courier has posted the film on their website. The YouTube page describes the film as “the dramatic and true portrayal of the inner turmoil of an indoor cat.” To view the film, visit


Two members of the Capilano Courier Board of Directors have vacated their positions. The seven member board now requires two new members to attend the final two or three meetings of the year. The Board meets once per month during the publishing year to discuss financial and administrative matters relating to the paper. Elections for the positions will take place on Tuesday, March 16 at the Courier office in Maple 122 at noon, prior to the weekly story meeting. All students are welcome to nominate themselves to run. Interested parties should contact

// Samantha Thompson and Natalie Corbo
news team

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