We look into the souls of the new CSU nominees

It's student union election time again, when the student population of Capilano University gets to decide who will lead the various campus committees, and represent students to the CSU Executive Board.

This semester, there are only two positions open for voting: the International Students' Liaison and Social Justice Coordinator. Even though the Social Justice Coordinator only has one candidate running, they still require a majority of “yes” votes in order to be elected.

The Courier asked the three candidates a few questions about their plans for the upcoming year.

Polling dates are Monday, February1 until Wednesday, February 3 in the Birch Cafeteria.

The candidates were asked:

1. What is the activity or event you are most excited about putting on, if you are elected?

2. Why should students be interested in this committee?

3. What sets you apart from the other candidates? Or, if there are no other candidates, why should people vote for you?

4. If you could be anywhere in the world with only one electrical device, where would you be and what would you bring?

Jianzhi “Gary” Guo

1. I would like to have events for all ethnic groups, so they can get connected.

2. Because if we can all stay together we can get a stronger voice. It helps get more interaction between students of all different backgrounds.

3. I would like to have a language exchange program, where students could pair up and start to learn languages other than their own.

4. Himalayas with a camera.

Shanky Gondal

1. This semester we would like to go paintballing. An event at the CSU to get people talking about what they would like to do. Get connections made between the students. After the Olympics we can see in the meetings what people want.

2. People should be interested [because] there are a lot of international students and they should get to know people from all over the world. Some are from Europe, some are from Asia, and it’s nice to come out and meet others.

3. I have been working in this position before and it really takes time to get settled in. I now know how it works.

4. This morning I would like to be in bed sleeping with my TV.

Richard McCrae

1. Five days for the homeless. It’s a national campaign where students will lay homeless on campus for five days with only a pillow and a sleeping bag. They will have no access to their disposable income with all the food they need donated by other students. All money given to students goes to the charity. Students will blog on a website on a daily basis about their experience. There will also be a kickoff event. Though we lost our first location, we have three bands lined up. It will be a party -- get some beer and help raise awareness.

2. Throughout history, students are the main catalizers of social movement and most prominent activists. It is a very untapped resource at Capilano University. People at the meetings can meet other like minded students and get involved in something that can have a very positive effect on their university experience.

3. There aren’t any other candidates. People should vote for me because I am very passionate about this. I have really big hopes and I am a very hard worker. I have also had a very large success in the community so far. I also want to get a health and dental plan at the school by contacting other student unions and talking with the administration about what is needed to get that in the works.

4. Vanuatu with a translator.

// Ben Drake

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