Question of the week: what was your worst experience with an instructor here at capilano?

Giles R.
My psychology professor would always ask me questions, even though I’d clearly been asleep. And everyone would be like, “Ugghhh, what an idiot”. I hate myself.
[What a character!-Ed.]

Kyla D.
I had a teacher that just mumbled on and on and on and went off topic all the time. It was hard to distinguish what he really wanted to get across to the class from what he
was just using as filler.

Samantha T.
Global Stewardship
One year, to celebrate some good work or something, our teacher brought in pizza and ice cream cake. Perhaps by way of his inspiration, everyone started putting ice cream cake on top of the pizza. And because of him I had to
endure watching people eat this horrible non-food.

Sarah V.
Creative Writing
I had a professor whose voice sounded like a mix between Sarah Palin and Bill Cosby. It made it very hard to keep a straight face.

Adrian / Stephanie
I’ve never really had an actual one – so far so good at Cap. I haven’t had any problems where I wanted to drop a course or anything.

// Jordan Potter,
In pure creep mode

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