“It’s bullshit that school doesn’t close for halloween.”
[halloween is on saturday. –giles]

“Every time I walk buy the store thing in the library build-
ing, it is either closed, or the people working there are sitting
around all bored. like, there’s two people that work in there,
and they just sit next to each other texting other people. So
then I go into buy a chocolate bar and they basically ignore
me. Ugh!”

“My English prof keeps giving me bad grades, but I’m in
love with her. You hear me? In love!”

“I hate linux.”
[me too. –giles]

“harper is fucking over the South Americas, and none of the
major Canadian news media are giving it much attention.
Trade agreements with peru and soon Columbia are being
made. not even Obama, the president of the United States,
wants to make those deals to human Rights issues. But yet
harper does. So is that what we are, Canada? now we’re not
only a minor world power but also the new biggest assholes?”

“There’s this girl at my work, who works in the cubicle next
to me, and I can always hear her clipping her nails. It’s dis-
gusting. I might quit.”

“I’m confused about UFC. what the hell are these guys
[they are humping each other, and you are a homophobe. -giles]

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