Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the Jonathan Taylor
Thomas of presidents. He’s charming, cute, and funny. He’s almost lion king-esque, in some ways. A date with Barry would be a real wild ride: he’d take you on a tour of the White House, before escorting you to Airforce one. After flying to an exotic waterfall, you would eat sushi off of each other’s stomachs. He’d chuckle an all-american chuckle, and you would not be able to resist the urge to fellate him.


If someone’s name is Zack (or some variation, such as Zac or Zach), they are automatically hot. Zack Morris, Zack Siler, Zac Efron, Zachary Quinto, they are all worthy of being on this list. I attribute this to their name itself: Zack. What the fuck kind of name is that? It sounds like a space alien. But a space alien that is hot.


Here’s a hotty – literally. He breathes
fire! How many hot guys do that?
And aside from his “Yoga flame”
talents, Dhalsim is capable of stretching his
body parts to extreme lengths. I don’t think
I need to tell you how that would come in
handy in bed. It seems that a certain body
part, in particular, might “stand out” in this
department. I’m talking about his cock. His
cock would be long.

Kelsey Grammer

I’m only including Kelsey Grammer because I recently had a sex dream about him. But that’s the kind of hot that he is: you don’t really realize how you feel about him until you wake up from a dream about him. My incarnation of Kelsey was Frasier Season 11 Kelsey Grammer, so he didn’t have that bald mullet thing going on. He was just regular bald.

// Giles Roy

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