Question of the week: What do you think your chances are of finding true love at Capilano? 
Name: Dan I 
Studying: Creative Writing first year

Answer: “Definitely a lot of hot girls here. You know what really needs to happen is have functions that involve booze so the students can mingle. But then I’d probably show up to class hungover. But in terms of true love, I couldn’t put it into odds, but I’m definitely open to it.” 

Name: Kaitrin M 
Studying: Tourism Management fourth year 

Answer: “Umm, already have mine. And it wasn’t at Cap. But the odds of finding true love at Cap… It can be found anywhere, school or not. You just have to be willing to let it happen.” 

Name: Elliott B 
Studying: General Arts second year 

Answer: “[Laughs] Nill. Not to say this is a defining characteristic, but I’m a bit older. And the girls here aren’t quite as evolved as I’m into.”

Name: Jesse L 
Studying: Communications third year 

Answer: “ Zero. Actually no, truthfully. Not high. Because people you interact with are international students, it’s multicultural. Therefore it’s hard to find one person you actually like in Capilano.”

Name: Kaley L 
Studying: Classical Music first year 

Answer: “Oh, I’ve already found it! But for people at Capilano I would say over four years there’s a pretty good chance.”

//Léo Newman 
Field Reporter

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