Top Four Neat Things

Top Movie: The Invention of Lying
4.5 / 5 Stars!
Jesus is like an imaginary babysitter,” says Ricky Gervais. Not only is he the main actor and writer for this film, but he also believes the message he’s giving: Religion makes you feel good, but atheism is more honest. Gervais takes a unique look at how the world would look if no one could “lie” and say there was a god – or tell any fictional tale, for that matter. Although this film may appeal to movie goers as a witty comedy, it offers more to their intelligence by providing a philosophical exploration. The main question is: Does religion have a place in a world of logic? For Gervais, the thesis seems to be only as an “imaginary babysitter.”

Top Food: Kabab with Egg Yolk
5 / 5 Stars!
This Persian delicacy has been dubbed the “Mother of all Recipes” by many of today’s modern chefs. On the outside it seems like the simplest combination: Beef, rice, and an egg. But the exact preparation of the meat and spices has been combined in such a way to withstand 5000 years of fine dining. The dish was popularized by Iranian warriors, who used their swords to grill the beef over a campfire. It would then be served with steamed, saffroned, basmatian rice slowly cooked in a tin lid and topped with Samogh. The egg yolk is added very last and although some may describe it as an “acquired taste,” many wouldn’t eat their Kabab in any other fashion. For a good Kabab, try the Yaas restaurant on Lonsdale and 19th, where for $6.99 you get a complete combo.

Top Album: Weezer’s Raditude
4 / 5 Stars!
This album isn’t technically out yet, and it’s technically going to be bad, but look at that album art! That dog is in a real hurry. Where is he going? Where does a dog need to go that fast? This thing was reportedly named by Dwight Shrute, who has since had to defend his decision. Nobody likes the title Raditude. Right. Shame on you, Dwight Shrute, for ruining Weezer. Up until the announcement of this album, everything they had ever recorded ever had been flawless.

Top Video Game: Scribblenauts
4 / 5 Stars!
There’s this DS game with this gimmick where you can write any noncopyrighted noun that you can imagine and it manifests in game. This one time Giles Roy wrote “toaster” and then threw it in a lake and it electrocuted the fish in the lake and the fish died from being electrocuted (in the lake). This other time Giles wrote “rocket boots” and jumped over the lake so he wouldn’t be electrocuted by the toaster that was in it. Overall the game’s innovation is ultimately hindered by its unintuitive play controls and lack of difficulty. If you own it, don’t let anyone play it, only Giles.

// scott barnes, writer

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