MUSICIAN SEEKS AUDIENCE Open mic and jam nights in and around Vancouver

Are you musician in need of an audience? Do you love listening to live music? If so, then open mic nights may be what you’re looking for.

Open mics are a great outlet for singer-songwriters. They are a fantastic way to gain experience, increase your confidence, and the perfect place to network in a venue swarming with people who love music. They allow musicians to test out new material and sharpen up their performing skills at the same time. Many venues in and around Vancouver host weekly open mic nights, and there are opportunities almost every night to get your music heard. Even if you don’t have any musical talent, you can still attend and support those who do.

Here is a short list of confirmed venues and the nights they host open mics. There are other venues that you will hear about when you start networking at these events, so this list is just to get you started.


The Backstage Lounge

1585 Johnston St. (Granville Island)

10 pm, 604-687-1354

Great Bear Pub

5665 Kingway Ave. (Burnaby) 

9 pm, 604-433-8942

The Heritage Grill

447 Columbia St. (New West)

8 pm, 604-759-0819

The Five Point

3124 Main St.

9 pm, 604-876-5810


Amber Jack’s Tap House (Jam Night)

9850 King George Hwy (Surrey)

8:30 pm, 604-495-4091

The Beaver (Samesun Hostel)

1018 Granville St.


Corduroy Lounge

1943 Cornwall Ave.

8:30 pm, 604-733- 0162

The Orange Room

620 6th St. (New Westminster)

7:30 pm, 778-397-1753

The Princeton Pub Jam Night

1901 Powell St. @ Victoria Drive

8:30 pm, 604-253-6645

Raw Canvas

1046 Hamilton St. (Yaletown)

7:30 pm, 604-687-1729


Cottage Bistro

4470 Main St.

8 pm, 604-876-6138

The Purple Crab

3916 Main St.



Anza Club

3 8th Ave. West @ Ontario St.

Sign up before 9 pm, 604-876-7128

Café Deux Soleils

2096 Commercial Dr.

Sign up 8:45, show at 9 pm, 604-254-1195

The Fireside Café

13593 King George Hwy (Surrey)

7 pm, 604-581-9619

Gallagher's Coffee Bar & Café

7-232 Newport Dr. (Port Moody)

6:30 pm, 604-461-4717

The Purple Crab

3916 Main St.


The Rusty Gull

175 East 1st (North Van)

8 pm, 604-988-5585

V Café

1049 Granville St.

(778) 370-1340


El Barrio

2270 East Hastings St.

8 pm, 604-569-2220


Anza Club (Open Dex – For DJs)

3 8th Ave. West @ Ontario St.

10 pm, 604-876-7128



12528 Harris Rd. (Pitt Meadows)

2 pm, 604-460-6683


2001 MacDonald St. (Kitsilano)

8 pm, 604-731-0617

Great Bear Pub

5665 Kingway Ave. (Burnaby)

8 pm, 604-433-8942

Marine Pub Jam Night

5820 SE Marine Dr. (Burnaby)

4 – 8 pm or later

There are a few things to do before you head out. Call the venue to make sure they haven’t booked something else in the place of the open mic that night. Head out to the venue early to make sure you’ll have a chance to play, because most of these events are first come first serve. Finally, remember what you are there for. A girl at Café Deux Soleil one Thursday night said, “The only problem with being the 13th person to perform is that you tend to drink a lot before getting on stage!” She then completely butchered her song. So, if you are there to get wasted, then go for it, but if you seriously want to get your music heard and are one of the last on the list to perform, consider pacing yourself.

// Jessica Nolan


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