Capilano's student-run literary magazine prepares to publish latest edition
// Colin Spensley

Getting published is the goal of most aspiring writers. However, it can be daunting. Daunting, but worth it – exposing your creative side to the world at-large can be, and usually is, a very rewarding experience for many writers. The problem lies in finding someone willing to publish you when you have little or no experience in the field.

Fortunately for writers at Capilano University, there is The Liar. The Liar is a student-run literary magazine at Capilano that operates on democratic principles with elected editors, submissions, and staff and with a new Editor-in-Chief selected every year. The Liar publishes bi-annually, with a call for submissions open twice a year: once in the fall semester and once in the spring.

The Liar takes submissions from anyone willing to have their work read by the collective. Although many magazines will take submissions from freelance contributors, the likelihood of your work being selected relies heavily upon the size and reputation of the magazine or book.

Since the spring of 1987, The Liar has continued to publish student submitted work with only a few gaps in production between then and now. Students are encouraged to submit all works they feel are worthy of publishing in any form: “The Liar works as a collective and we vote on everything democratically,” says editor Allie Quelch.

This includes which pieces are selected to go in the magazine. “We used to publish mostly micro fiction and short poetry, but now we’re moving towards longer pieces. The spring issue is our largest one yet, at about 130 pages.”

Although The Liar has, in the past, published mostly the work of Capilano students, they are looking to expand to students anywhere in Canada. The form of The Liar itself has also changed: “We’ve gone from a stapled zine in the last few years to a perfectly bound book, so that’s really exciting,” says Quelch.

The process of voting to select which writing goes in The Liar is done collectively by all the editors and contributors. The submitted works are circulated amongst writers and editors and voted on; the ones that receive the most votes are published in that semester’s magazine.

After all the works have been selected and edited, the magazine goes into production, which includes layout and graphic design, an aspect of publishing geared more towards art students. “We could really use some graphic design students right now,” says Quelch. “We usually have a meeting at the beginning of each semester, but with no time to poster or promote ourselves, we usually just end up talking to creative writing classes and doing the design ourselves.”

Poem from the upcoming issue
of The Liar:
By Allie Quelch

chicken scratch
of chick fights

into fingernails embellished
with “Pink Before You Leap”

her off with a bitch slap
and a cheap shot
cat swipe

at an ill-conceived facial

Time to repent

If you’re interested in reading this current issue of The Liar, it comes out on Apr. 12. There will be a release party on that day at the Railway Club from 6-8pm which will include free copies of The Liar as well as readings. Copies will also be available in the CSU and the Library after the release.

//Colin Spensley, columns editor
//Graphics by Katie So

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