The fresh and flirty new you!
// Cheetah Powers

I hope you guys had a good winter break, because I sure didn't. I don't know why, but I always head into December with visions of catching up with my delightful family, curling up by the fire on a sexy lumberjack, toasting friends over steaming mugs of mulled wine, and jetting up to Whistler for a glamorous New Year’s blowout.
What always seems to happen instead is post-Christmas brokeness, depression, sickness, and furiously dumping your lover at a lame backyard kegger set to a satanic soundtrack of Justin Bieber's "Little Drummer Boy" (ft. Busta Rhymes). 

2012? We've only been together for a few weeks and I already hate you.
Anyway, there is no better time to cultivate a new personal style than when your personal life is in the dumps and the fashion world has collapsed in on itself like a dying star. If I see one more magazine telling me to "invest in a structured trench this spring!" I'm going to personally send all of the shits I don't give to Anna Wintour in a homemade coffin. Let me guess what's going to be "in" next season: Florals? Lace? Lana del Rey flower crowns? COLOURS? Yawn.
So, my look this spring is anti-fashion, and what could be more anti-fashion than goth? When is the last time you saw a real live goth? I saw two mall goths in Victoria last week sporting striped tights and bondage pants (just like in high school!) and I actually got excited. I missed you guys! Maybe they just need a little encouragement to come out more … I mean, it's not like there's going to be any sunshine for the next six months anyway.
So this is what I'm wearing this spring.
Cheetah Powers is a long-time hoarder and lover of fabulous clothes. She believes that a truly stylin' outfit should always be affordable, universal, and easy to pee in.

//Cheetah Powers, columinst

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