Nov. 26 Yactac Gallery, 7206 Ontario St.
// Leanne Kriz

November is the month in which Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Idol, Bjork, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Leonardo DiCaprio, and various other great people were born. Neat, eh? That’s what Peggy, Karen, and Dennis think. They love birthdays, and they want to honour all the wonderful souls birthed in the month of November by throwing them a big ol’ birthday bash! These three birthday lovers and Emily Carr graduates made an open call early in November for any individual with a birthday within the month of November to join them in celebration.

The party will take place at the Young Asian Canadian Twin Artists Collective (or Yactac) Gallery. Every birthday girl or boy who signed up will have an art performance, a cake, and a song dedicated to them, and gets to celebrate their birthday amongst various other November babies and friends. Peggy, one of the organizers of the event, explains that the three recently “got interested in baking and we wanted to do something with food,” and thought that they might host a birthday party as an excuse to make a big cake. Another motivation to create this even was to “connect people together.”

Peggy says that everyone is welcome to attend, whether you are there as a birthday guest of honour, there for your friend’s special day, or just a birthday enthusiast like the trio of artists. As for what to wear, don’t stress out; there’s no specific birthday dress code. “Our plan is that the three of us will wear birthday hats, but it is not mandatory that others have to,” Peggy says. If you’re a cool person, however, you probably will.

// Leanna Kriz, Writer
// Illustration by Katie So

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