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Brendan’s Poem

// Katherine Alpen

Light colours, cool pillows, bright sunlight glancing
Soft wine, gentle sheets, mismatched pillows blending
Abandoned guitar strings hum
Your melodies

You are my everyday summer dusk left resting;
Small, cold ice cream sweets slowly: ever melting

Lull my senses, show no restraint; for space
The seconds between brushed kisses
Is as precious as the touch itself
hamelessly addicted
You are a primary colour-based algorithm
An Italian mosaic
he salt of my earth
A spoken concern
Compassion embodied
A hammock of affection
To and fro, a chord progresses and I learn

As we in this world understand so little
Looking up becomes our curiosity
But don’t ever forget the down R
est, hold the earth

But who is to say stars don’t fall in love?
They are masses of life; a peace of the dove
A gazer to a star
Separated by nothing
Alike in light

Press Go
// Scott Barnes

D thinks his
3D TV dotcoms
are being gagged by
D drinks coffee in a small cup
with lots of cream

D is friendly, then agonizes restlessly
about the media, and 3D
points to headlines
The CRTC conference, a conspiracy
“no one wants to talk about
3d tv!” He knew about wikileaks, told the police
Facebook twitter seachengines occupy corp & me

He’s running 3D TV o
verlapping pictures are 3D,
going to auction off his dotcoms
temporarily free
Can’t find them on CNN
“As bad as Quaddafi!”

He talks like text
3dtelevisionchannel3dsportschannel3dfashionchannel you can’t argue with d, spending all this money on these dotcoms he believes in you can’t argue with him ranting he’ll keep talking if you turn away d will keep talking until he gets so hopeless excited but his dotcoms are copyright and he’s being gagged because no one wants to talk about 3dtv not even me

// Haley Whishaw

That’s that thing people in love do

It isn’t done
when you’re fourteen
your parents are out
and your stronger-than-you boyfriend
tells you that it is the mandatory requirement for a girl.
while you’re pressed up against
your white sheets Y

ou can’t help but wonder
if the mandatory nature of it
isn’t about the experience
but learning that you aren’t as strong as you thought you
and that Prince Charming
isn’t so charming
with his pants off

It isn’t done
when you’re seventeen
and craving
a heartbeat
so you follow his hands into the basement and realize that becoming a woman does not follow the same requirements as becoming a man

It isn’t done
when you’re twenty
and he bbms you
that you should drive twenty more
after you’re finished closing at work
so he can get his masculinity out of the way
and interrogate you about sleeping with other boys
and you go
because he says he likes your hip bones
and he sometimes cuddles afterwards
but only if you ask

That’s that thing people in love do

Sure Sweetie

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