And she loves me, too

Three words: Gay. Man's. Christmas. That is what Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour is like, but let me scratch the surface a bit more [editor’s note: JJ is a gay man]. It's about more than celebrity iconography, fashion or even a mere 'concert experience.' Lady Gaga inspires her fans to be what they want, and to have the power within themselves to strive for their own brand of stardom, whatever that may be.

Though the sold-out Rogers Arena was packed with screaming fans who were at her every whim, the experience went far beyond the massive budget of the stage show, the theatrics of light, and the impressive choreography. The Monster Ball, as noted afterward by my friends, was almost a religious experience, an inspiring display of art, culture, and theatrics. What was impressive was that everyone in the house seemed to be part of a family (Gaga calls her fans "Little Monsters") united by their love and care of this performer and everything she stands for. Pre-show vocal ads were presented by Gaga for various charities, showcasing the most famous woman in the world as an appropriate figurehead for general do-goodery.

Throughout the performance, Lady Gaga filled the show with heartfelt anecdotes that were relate-able in a way that no other artist of her status could pull off. "I was just like you all, looking at the bitch on stage, wondering how I could get up there." Everything she said came off as natural, and although it is fairly obvious that all the details are reproduced in every city, Gaga has a natural way of letting each person in the house feel special. She complimented people's outfits and generally put her all into every aspect of the non-stop two hour set.

Even the sponsorship came off as part of the show, as Lady Gaga phoned a fan in the audience, which was a contest sponsored by Virgin Mobile, before launching into her massive hit "Telephone." It is pretty rare for an endorsement deal to come off as so endearing.

Even though everything about the show was massive in terms of production, it was the true heartfelt nature of the Monster Ball that left such a lasting impression. As she said to the crowd, "I want you to leave here tonight, not loving me more, but loving yourself more."

Call me biased, (and yes, this is coming from someone with the same "Little Monsters" tattoo that Gaga herself has), but I'm sure that nothing this year is going to top the Monster Ball tour.

//JJ Brewis
Art Director

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