And again, it’s all MukMuk’s fault

Students at Capilano University will continue to have to study around a construction site, at least until a yet-to-be-confirmed date in the future. The new film and animation centre for Cap U remains uncompleted, and those involved at the construction site are beginning to worry about the timeline that was given to them.
In fact, there is a concern that the film building is likely never going to be finished. According to an insider on the project, Mike Bubble, the project was significantly affected by the visits of three celebrities.
“We were all star-struck, once we realized what had happened,” he said.

Security has publicized that on one midsummer night, three mysterious figures appeared on the construction site with nothing but a large boom box and several bottles filled with, according to Bubble, “a mysterious, delicious-looking liquid.”

Further investigation revealed that these three convicts were naught but the infamous mascots from the recently concluded Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Someone left the blueprints for the film centre onsite, and unfortunately, many of the prints were ruined throughout the duration of the ensuing dance party. Witnesses have confirmed that Miga was doing a double backflip when she landed on the papers, and was then body-slammed by MukMuk.

This unfortunately occurred after the “outhouse incident,” which involved MukMuk, an outhouse, and eventually a fishing pole. The outhouse has never been the same.

Quatchi and Sumi attempted to repair the damage, but instead created blueprints for a new hybrid building, shaped like a Quatchi-MukMuk combination. Sumi and Miga had previously agreed that they would aspire to bigger things than having a building created in the shape of their heads.

In further efforts to fix up the ruined construction site, the quad made a trip to IKEA and returned with a bookshelf that they promptly built in less than ten minutes. They also bought a wardrobe organizer, but soon realized the building was yet to have a wardrobe.

Although the workers appreciate the effort, says Bubble, “It really made no difference. In fact, it made more work for us because IKEA furniture is near impossible to take apart. Now we have a bookshelf and no idea what to do with it.”

This building, which has been recently named the Nat and Flora Bosa Centre for Film and Animation, is located at the north end of campus. If it is ever completed, it is possible that it will resemble a large Tetris piece. However this remains unlikely as the construction site is suffering what appears to be irreparable damage.

The Mascots have not issued an apology and have not been punished for their dance party. It is unlikely that any retribution will occur, particularly since they currently hold celebrity status
“The film building will likely never be finished now,” said Bubble. “I just wish they had invited us to the party too.”

Ideas for what to do with a bookshelf on a construction site should be sent to, so that we can help to ensure the film building still stands a chance.

//Samantha Thompson
News Editor

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