P. Diddy promotes CAP elections

Elections for student positions on the Senate and Board of Governors begin today. Despite last year's student concerns about the integrity and logistics of electronic voting, the elections will be held online this year. In order to quell concerns, the Senate issused a list of recommendations including advising students and faculty to change their passwords during election time, researching other institutions experiences with electronic voting, and having the IT department address student concerns about how the system works.

There are four positions to be filled on the Senate, and two on the Board of Governors. The student representataives provide the student voice to these major institutional governing bodies. The nominees for Senate are Bahiyyih Galloway, David Clarkson, Ghazal Tohidi, Gregory Smith and Ngaio Schiml. The elected candidates will serve a one-year term beginning on August 31, 2010. The nominees for Board of Governors are the same, with the addition of Christopher Nichols.

Candidate statements can be found online at the Capilano University website. Links to the information have been sent to all students Capilano email addresses from the registrar.

Voting opens on Monday, March 1, and closes Sunday, March 7 at midnight. The results will be announced on Tuesday, March 9.

// Natalie Corbo
news editor

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