There's this guy at Cap that looks exactly like Zac Efron. Get ahold of me.


[Second voice] The thing is, that email is so ridiculous. I don't even-

[First voice] Well, it's actually my email. So.

I'm excited to roam. Roam around the city, during the Olympics, I'm excited.”

[Hope you had fun. -Giles]

Well, okay, so I just went to therapy because, um, and I was talking to my therapist and –
whaaat? And – and she thinks – she thinks that, um, thinks that I should love myself more –
but really what we're talking about is how all people are just full of shit. Like legit, and I
was like, so I should probably stop trying to talk to people who don't want to talk to me,
right? and she was like, 'Yeah... you're right.'”

Canada's Patriotism is heartwarming as fuck. And, like, the Canadian flag. Especially
the leaf. And the colour.”

Denny's is awesome.”

I am wearing a banana hammock right now. Hot.”

[I disagree. -Rachelle]

Our transit system is actually going to get slammed by the Olympics. We're not going to
have enough SeaBusses, we're not going to have enough busses, and everyone is going
to be getting on the busses and its going to be raining.”

Once at my high school, someone put dog poo in the microwave.”

[Second voice] Oh yeah, well someone put a dead squirrel in the vending machine at my school.

[First voice] Dog poo's worse.

[It's a tie. -Rachelle]

Yeah, the lineup to get on the 239 bus makes me feel like a sheep and I fucking hate sheep. Seriously.

[Second voice] I often am left feeling disgruntled by it.

[First voice] Do you know, like, what that means even?

[Second voice] Whatever, man, that lineup is a douche.

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