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Look for our Voicebox team on Tuesday afternoons in the Birch cafeteria, to anonymously “voice” your “opinion” on any “topic”. Introverted alternatives include emailing your opinion to voicebox@capilanocourier.com, or calling (604) 984-4949, extension 5.

We need to wear more hats. We should be... we should make a decree to wear more hats.

I think that both doors in the computer lab [in the Fir building] should open.

You should never offer the bad end of the banana, for it is not very tasty and I would not eat it at all.

There is a definite lack of juiceboxes in the cafeteria and that needs to be changed ASAP. Thank you.

Watch Black Dynamite. Please. Please, your life will be better for it.

Oh jeez, I really like malt balls. And, really, all things with chocolate wrapped around them.

[First voice] Sandra Bullock should have been content with her Razzy.
[Second voice] Oh yeah, she won a Razzy Award for worst actress, then went and won an Academy Award for best actress.
[First voice] Sandra Bullock just did not deserve an academy award.

It really annoys me when I play beautiful piano arrangement from a video game and no one knows it. Basically, everyone should play Chrono Trigger.

Capilano can, well, be racist. Like, it’s like, some people say I'm Chinese..
[Second voice] And you're Korean? Or are you Japanese?
[First voice] I’m Taiwanese.
[Second voice] So you're not Japanese?
[First voice] No, I am Taiwanese.

I have a complaint. Okay, so I was just reading the Courier and I saw this thing about boycotting Aramark, and I was like, that's a little extreme, so I went and bought a burger, and it was too expensive and tasted like crap, so now I'm going to boycott Aramark. So I feel good about myself, because that burger tasted like balls.

[First voice] My name is Mark, and I’m an alcoholic, and would like a, um, what’d I say? Right. An escalator up to Horticulture from Birch. Or possibly a gondola.
[Second voice] Or a rope-tow! And we’d have to get special gloves for the rope tow because our hands...

Just force yourself to study. Just do it. Don’t do it sometimes, do it everyday. Then you wont even think about it. You’ll just do it. I’m a wicked good student.

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