Please Dont Leave

Chris Bosh is in the last year of his contract with the Toronto Raptors and many in the media are speculating that he will choose to leave Toronto, although considering Bosh’s latest commercial for his new DVD First Ink, which has a background track reciting “Rep T-Dot ‘til they bury me”, this may simply be the chattering of gossipy sportswriters with nothing better to do. If Bosh chose to leave, he could completely destroy the Raptors franchise by simply walking out of his contract and signing somewhere else, most likely one of the big free agent markets such as Miami or New York. More likely, if Bosh wanted out, he would inform GM Bryan Colangelo, allowing Colangelo to re-sign Bosh and get something in return. Names that have been brought up in connection to a Bosh trade are New York power-forward David Lee and Miami Heat power-forward Michael Beasley. Despite the speculation, Bosh has mentioned several times his desire to be the main guy on a team, and realistically, Toronto is the best place for Bosh to do that, a place where he already has a fan-base that encompasses an entire country of basketball fans, something that no other team in the NBA can offer, regardless of how big-market they claim to be

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