Aramark Survey
An endless stream of complaints in the Courier's voicebox about the Birch Cafeteria has proved that there is at least one issue that unites students at Cap. Notice of a survey recently appeared at the cash registers of the cafeteria, offering a prize of $250 to Best Buy for one lucky survey-completing student. The survey is fairly comprehensive and gives students the opportunity to rate Aramark's operations, prices, and performance at Capilano. It is unclear, so far, what Aramark or Capilano plan to do with the data they collect. Complete the survey at

Five Minute Plays go Viral
Every year, Capilano creative writing and theatre students get a unique opportunity for collaboration. With the Five Minute Plays, writer-in-residence Tom Cone mentors students as they write three-character play, with no props or costumes allowed. The theme is secrets, and each play is about one secret that each of the characters has a stake in. The plays took place at Capilano University just prior to the Olympic Break, but those that were unable to attend can now view them on YouTube.

Election Numbers Unavailable
After repeated attempts by both the CSU and the Courier to get the number of votes cast in the Senate and Board of Governors election, both groups were ignored. When contacting the registrar's office, phone calls were unreturned and emails were unanswered. Eventual responses to both groups listed only the winners names, and provided links to the website. It is against Senate and Board of Governors policy to release the official number of voters.

Free Handbooks
After slashing prices of the University handbooks by 50 percent in the Spring semester, to 50 cents, the CSU will give away the remaining handbooks for free. The experiment of charging for the handbooks, which was introduced at the beginning of the Fall 2009 semester, was deemed to be unsuccessful. In the future, it is unlikely that handbooks will cost money to students.

//Natalie Corbo
news editor

Money Matters
Textbook prices could be rising once more. Capilano University is experiencing shortfalls in their budget, and to compensate, they have turned to the bookstore. The University is requiring Capilano’s bookstore to pay an additional $100,000 of their revenues to the University. This demand, which came out of a University ad-hoc committee meeting, will cause an escalation in prices of the bookstore’s textbooks and office supplies. However as there is a maximum price that can be charged for a textbook (restrictions set by the book printers), the biggest difference in pricing will probably be seen on things like ink cartridges and other stationary products. The CSU noted at their last executive meeting that this will benefit the CSU as it could lead to an increase in sales of their products, which are not subject to the budget whims of the University.

// Samantha Thompson
assistant news editor

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