Lil Wayne’s  Tha Block is Hot 

Recorded at the tender age of seven-
teen, Lil Wayne’s debut album lacks
the maturity and mic presence he
now possesses in 2010. Weezy does get a lot
of help from his Cash Money Record label-
mates, as the album is packed with features.
Giving Wayne the most assistance is producer
Mannie Fresh, who gives the album a consis-
tent feel. Tha Block is Hot may have its bright
spots, the brightest being the title track, but
dull content and weak delivery found on the
rest of the CD often leave the listener skip-
ping through the majority of the album.
All this considered, Lil Wayne still provides
witty lyrics and a recognizable flow making
it easy to see the potential in the young star.

// Shane Gill,

Getting Socks for Christmas

Upon receiving socks as a gift, many
would curse the irony of being giv-
en such a gift. Granted, socks may
not put the “fun” in functional, but they are
a practical gift. What society as a whole hates
about receiving socks is the disappointment
of not receiving something slightly more
awesome. I ask you: What is not to like about
socks? They are warm. You put them on
your feet. This keeps your feet warm. People
in general like warm feet, especially in the
colder winter months. Ergo, people should
put aside the unfair stigmas that have been
assigned to the act of receiving socks.

// Colin May,
Sock Scholar

The Last King of Scotland

After a title like that, you’d think the
movie would be about a king from
Scotland, when really, it tells the story
of the black dictator who took over a country
in East Africa. Idi Amin came into power dur-
ing 1971 in Uganda, and then decided to expel
all the Asians from the country in 1972. The
movie does not portray this to the full extent,
but instead elaborates on the view of Nicolas,
the Scottish boy. How typical – another true
historical event changed into a Hollywood,
love-story disaster, when the plot should have
been emphasizing the graphic torture, deaths,
and suffering that the people of Uganda en-
dured. However, Forest Whitaker is astound-
ing as Idi Amin; his acting evokes the strong
passion and hatred, while his resemblance to
the character is undeniable.

// Sheliza Thobani,
Clearly not Scottish


Lemurs are the freaking cutest things
ever. They are even smarter than
monkeys (although, science still has
not proved this. But dolphins are freaking
smart, and they get no credit whatsoever.
The stupid monkeys always steal the spot-
light, because they are selfish and ugly and
are going to be alone forever). Intelligence
aside, you’ve got these creatures that are
smart enough to use their tails for balance
and are jumpier than a kangaroo. And their
eyes! Soulful, golden, and deep – and you’re
staring at them, wondering where you’ve seen
such beauty, and then you realize it was in a
dream. With Edward Cullen. Lemurs will be
your best friend, for ever and ever – even lon-
ger than your dream with a vampire that is
secretly the anti-sex.

//Samantha Thompson,
Team Jacob

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