Over a thousand dollars, in fact

You might have noticed that the small table in the cafeteria has been occupied over the past week.

Three days into a fund-raising effort for Haiti relief, which began on January 18th, ten students have managed to raise a total of $1600 from the student body.

The response from the students of Capilano students has, according to those involved, been exceptionally positive.

Student Support has been overwhelming” says Richard McCrae, member of the global stewardship program, Social Justice Coordinator and active member of the 'Haiti Coin Drive'. “Students sometimes get a bad rep for being apathetic, and this really speaks for the character of the school.”

The idea of a Capilano Haiti relief coin drive was presented to the CSU Social Justice Committee (SJC), by concerned students wanting to address the issue somehow. After a brief debate, the SJC advised the students that the best course of action would be to not affiliate themselves with any Business or Union, including the Social Justice Committee.

By fundraising as an independent group of students, they qualify for the Canadian government's agreement to match all donations. As it stands, every dollar donated last week will doubled thanks to some clever organization by those involved.

//Marco Ferreira

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