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“Being sober at school is amazing. I think we glorify this whole
notion of partying. I'm not saying it's bad... I think some people can't
handle it so they have to go a different way. But I think you're able
to appreciate love and life and passion and be kinder to people when
youre not in this little fantasy land. You're able to see things a little
clearer. You can see people for who they are, instead of this persona
you've constructed for yourself.”

[You can do it, brotherman. -Giles]

“Sky Hester is a P-I-M-P. He can get any girl he wants in the sack.
Thank you.”

“Stop buying BLT's, because Criss Angel doesn't like it. He doesn't
like making them, he's sick of making them, he told me.”

[I've heard conflicting reports about whether he likes making them.
Sorry, guy, they're just really good. -Giles]

“I hate when I've been waiting in line for the microwave for ten
minutes and someone thinks they're good enough to just go in front and
put their stuff in before me!”

“People listen to this crap music, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera,
you know what I'm talking about. They don't even know the greats. Fred
Astaire, Frank Sinatra. Learn the good before you listen to the crap!”

[Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera? Um, it is 2009, hello! -Giles]

“I saw this guy wearing a jacket that said-it was like a really
nice winter coat-and it said 'The Bartenders Guild' on it, and I thought,
that's funny, you know, the bartenders guild, does that exist? Like,
is that real? Does that exist? Is there a guild of bartenders? I thought
about it too, and they have baristas, which is a funny word for coffeemaker,
and I thought, you know, hey, barista and bartender, they do pretty
well the same thing. They make the same variety of drinks and everything,
but one has alcohol. And one is romanticized just simply because alcohol
is involved. And they get paid like five times as much money. And one
makes 8 bucks an hour and one makes 40 dollars an hour. Just because
alcohol's involved. Isn't that funny, you know?”

[Yes. -Giles]

Point of Retraction:

In last week's article by Max Mackay, “Caf Conflict Concludes in Anticlimax”, a point of clarification is necessary. The lede line quotes Shaun Stewart as saying: “I was right in his face and I insulted him.” In fact, this quote misrepresented the context of Stewart's conversation with Dan Traviss, Aramark representative. Stewart clarified that he had spoken to Traviss twice in a short period of time and Traviss appeared to take offense at his persistent line of questioning. While the quote appears to reflect a gloating attitude towards this exchange by Stewart, he did not actually insult anyone, rather, out of concern for clear conversation and a minimum of conflict, he took his argument about Aramark's lower disability shelf to a higher channel.

Kevin Murray


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