The Voicebox is like Twitter from the stone age.”

[Incidentally, you can follow the Courier on Twitter @capilanocourier. –Giles]

“Hey Andreas, I love you... I had an awesome weekend with you. Bye bye.”

“We need more uplifting study spots in the school, because the whole school is dark and I can’t study in the dark.”

[Make like Greg Lee and embrace your inner goth. –Giles]

It’s a nice day, I’m getting sick, and... yeah.

[Second voice] What do you hate?

[First voice]I hate pumpkins!

We need more intramural sports, like soccer and basketball.”

It’s bullshit that we have to pay a dollar for agendas now.

Torque is very hard to understand.”

[It is also hard to spell. –Giles]

I think more students should study Chinese instead of Japanese, because it’s way cooler and you can use it in Vancouver.”

Don’t get the swine flu, man. Everybody’s getting swine flu. My doctor told me I got swine flu, I was sick for three weeks. Don’t get the swine flu.”

[You hear that, everybody? Don’t get the swine flu! –Giles]

Engineering students should be given a pass on their electives.

Um, I think that the 239 bus drivers are really rad, because they pick you up not at the bus stop when your bus is late, so you’re running and you’re like ‘Awgh, I’m not gonna make it to class!’ But they know they’re picking up students! They’re nice people.

I think the 255 bus drivers are assholes because they show up late all the time, or very early, and you never know when the fuck they’re gonna come. Then they’re dickbags and they leave fucking late and I end up waiting half an hour... Pisses me off.  Fuck West Van.

The girls at this school aren’t hot enough.

[I’ve been instructed to not call you a douchebag. –Giles]

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