“Taylor Swift is not racist! She’s too good.”
[RIGHT? -Giles]

“I hate leaving after class at three o’clock, because there’s
always a huge lineup for the bus and you never get a seat.
And last week I had to stand next to a guy who was listening
to Soulja Boy really loud. Seriously. Soulja Boy.”

“Soon, when you Google a song, the song will show up at
the top of the page and you’ll just press play and it’ll play the
song. Like, any song. I just think that’s neat.”

“I read on the Internet that the world is going to end this
week. No wait, America is going to get blown up. That’s
what I read. Same thing.”
[The Internet never lies. -Giles]

“Everyone should stop eating the cafeteria food here. If I
just walk down the road to Seymour’s Pub, I can get a giant
meal on a plate for less than ten bucks with my student card
discount. Whereas here, you pay practically that much for a
couple of soggy perogies. Plus Seymour’s has beer.”

I don’t like all these assholes walking around school dressed
all fancy.
[Second voice] Those are business students.
[first voice] No, they’re assholes!
[They are also business students. -Giles]

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