New movie may have you calling an exorcist


“The family brought me into the home, where I sat down to talk to the daughter. As we talked, she suddenly became very agitated and fidgety and glared at me and spoke to me in a voice I didn’t recognise. She said, “We are too strong, you have no power over us.” At this point, I was convinced I was dealing with the paranormal.”

Coming from most people, that statement would elicit raised eyebrows, if not outright disbelief. But this was a quote from a Reverend, who also just so happened to be my grandfather. So I was prepared to be scared by the new movie Paranormal Activity.

As a horror movie enthusiast, I decided I would go and see what all the hype was about. By enthusiast, I mean that I love the rush, but hate sleeping with the lights on for days. Paranormal Activity takes place in an everyday family home. Katie believes that some sort of “paranormal activity” has been taking place around her since she was eight years old. While Katie is petrified by these occurrences, her boyfriend Micha takes a more humorous approach to her situation, trying to catch this so called “activity” on home video.

Unlike your typical slasher pic, Paranormal Activity uses a more subtle and nerve racking style to scare. With the film's home video effect I felt (being somewhat spooked out by the paranormal) that it gave the picture a more realistic and believable feel, while others around me in the theatre were laughing with skepticism.

Not knowing what to think, I wanted an objective opinion on the subject. Clearly not most people’s area of expertise, but I was lucky enough know a Reverend with some further knowledge in the field.

“A young women’s parents phoned me because I was a pastor of a local church and had some experience with demonic oppression. They told me their daughter was completely out of control, displaying symptoms of multiple personality disorder, filled with rage and anger and totally uncontrollable. The family was afraid for her safety, and previously when they had tried to take her the psyche ward, it took four large men in order to subdue her. She seemed to have supernatural power.”

As I looked the around the theatre it was obvious there were mixed feelings about the believability of the content.  Being the only person out of my group that was even remotely convinced and, yes, very frightened by the film, I wanted further evidence of the otherworldly.

“After several sessions with her, I had been experiencing these other voices that sounded nothing like her, so I told them that I commanded them in the name of God to leave this young lady alone. The young lady started convulsing and foaming from the mouth and, after this session, returned to perfect health.”

Well, Reverend Bob has convinced me, and I believe what I saw in that theatre. But make up your own mind, and just pray you won't have to call on the services of a Reverend.

//Jazmine Bahr


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