This week’s question: what are you most frightened about this Halloween?

de9e092e8349bc371eb27a345488d05e.jpgChris P
Associate of Arts

“People realizing that I’ve gone to all lengths to make my costume as economical as possible, ‘cause in my country we stop celebrating Halloween after the age of 12. It all seems kind of silly to me.”

649c83a59bb00b3ebd82eb6d251f010b.jpgDevon D
General Arts

“Ya know how everyone’s always asking everyone what they’re gonna be doing for Halloween? Well, my biggest fear on Halloween this year is that nobody will get their shit together and everybody will just end up sitting around, depressed in their sweet ass costumes.”

1350ca083ad71608e2eaf0510d446ae6.jpgJian X
English as a Second Language

“No fears. The culture is different so we don’t fear the Western things”

df9bbcf7f3585b50aea03b26d41e3d1f.jpgKim M
Psychology third year

“Drunken violence from minors. Bad things [can] happen.”


041e0d37342245a32987528490a3c520.jpg Rachel U
Human Kinetics
“Finding a costume. Or my cat getting blown up.”

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