What was your worst date in high school?

Erin C.

CultureNet second year

Oh… Worst date in high school… are you familiar with WestView Mall? So, I went on a date to WestView Mall’s Woon Lee Inn. Probably the seediest Asian restaurant of my life and at the end of the date, when the fortune cookies came, apparently the boy had slipped in a fortune that said, 'Will you date me?' It was awkward.”

Anthony S.

Sociology second year

When I had to give a woman a bundle of flowers. I didn’t realize it was so bad looking. Like, when you go on a date, you usually just give two or three flowers, but I gave her a whole bundle because I was so nervous.”


Sarah K.

Jazz Studies second year

I didn’t like boys in high school. I didn’t go on dates. Honest.”

Dren M.

Political Studies second year

Oh gosh, that brings me a long way back, in the States, Arizona. It was actually really bad because we ended up going to the desert in our car and our car didn’t work, so we couldn’t get back. It was like we were lost and we had to wait for people to come and pick us up, so we were stranded for like nine hours or something like that. That was one of the worst dates I’ve 
gone on.”

Miriam B.

Global Stewardship first year

My worst date in high school was probably at a pit party at the Gravel Pit with this redneck boy that I had a crush on. Hippie girl with the redneck boy, gravel pit, pit party. I left.“

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