This week’s question: There’s an expression that goes, “When you go to a donkey’s house, don’t talk about ears.” What do you think that actually means?

Ava D
Communications 2nd year

Oh, umm. Wow. I think that means don’t talk about things you might find a little funny perhaps, or a little odd. So don’t bring up any kind, not of abnormalities, cause it’s not an abnormality, but something that catches your eye that they might be personally offended by or self conscious about.”

Rakesh M
Engineering 1st year

Just don’t let him know he’s a jackass.”

Gurpreet K

Global Stewardship 2nd year

Donkeys are known for having big floppy ears, right?  So I suppose it’s like, not pointing out what they might be self-conscious about. So that might be like if someone’s face is burnt off, you wouldn’t say, 'Hey, your face is burnt off!' Something like that, you just don’t talk about it ‘cause it’s rude.”

Kristi B
Business 2nd year

Shoot… Just don’t point out the obvious things.”

Arthur V
Communications 2nd year

I think it just means that you shouldn’t really be disrespectful to someone when you’re in their house.”

//Leo Newman

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