first of all, I hope that the price of books will be decreased
for the next semester. They are really expensive and most
students, especially immigrant students, cannot really afford

I think it’s a little bit early that Barack Obama won the peace
prize, though he may deserve it later in his presidential career.
[see Jordan Potter’s piece about this in this week’s opinions section. -giles]

I think that the phonetics and linguistics class is a complete
waste of time. I wish I would have known how stupid it
was before I picked it, otherwise... me and the entire class
wouldn’t have picked it. I wish the teacher was better, and
I wish I could take notes. I wish I hadn’t taken that class.
Thank you.

I actually like linguistics class. Because I’m learning a lot
about speech sounds!
[this guy was a real keener. -giles]

I just took my full license driving test and I failed. Like every-
one I’ve heard of, they all fail the first time, so why is ICBC
charging us so much?

Coffee shouldn’t cost more than two dollars at school.

Um, I wish that Aramark didn’t get rid of the noodle boxes
for the stir fry thing. I used to feel like I was in a sitcom when
I ate them before. Now i just feel like a broke-ass student.

The Capilano Courier has some of the neatest cover art.
[thanks, guy. i drew that. -giles.]

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