Dry Campus Gets an Option

Capilano University is a dry campus, making it one of the few Universities in the province that doesn’t have its own pub. As per its “dry” status, alcohol is banned on school grounds. However, as of Tuesday, September 8, Seymour’s Pub down the road will be giving Capilano students 25% off food and specials on drinks.

Seymour’s would like to be considered as a substitute to a campus pub, or as promotion manager Jonas Rydh puts it, the “south campus”. He hopes that this promotion, coupled with the Courier’s tentative plan to collaborate with Seymour’s on monthly Thursday events, will create a sense of community for Capilano students. Rydh admits that “there will be competition if Capilano happens to get a campus pub,” though he is not tremendously concerned at the moment.

There were rumblings among the student population at Capilano in the 2008/2009 school year that, as a University, Capilano should follow the lead of UVic, UBC, and SFU, and get a campus pub. The issue was discussed briefly and favourably at Capilano Students Union (CSU) executive meetings, and at Social Activities Committee meetings. Capilano student Erica Roberts stresses the social benefits of a pub, saying that “it would be great if Cap would… [be] a place where students can really chill out and have fun. It would be nice to relax after a long day of classes.”

In a February 2009 article of the Capilano Courier, Capilano student Mike Kennedy pointed out that the Business Program could also benefit from potential involvement. However, the administration has reservations, and Dr. Greg Lee, President of Capilano University points out that, “Quite frankly, there are some liability issues. If somebody has too much to drink on campus and goes away and kills themselves or somebody else than we can be held accountable,” adding that Capilano is not a residential campus, and that most people drive to school. However, “we do have liquor licenses for special events,” notes Dr. Lee. As for monetary benefits, Dr. Lee insists that “experience would tell us there is often not a lot of profit in a campus pub.” He does not believe that Capilano has the large volume of students that would be required for profits.

For now, Seymour’s Pub will continue to offer specials to students who provide a student card and two pieces of I.D. Depending on the evaluated success of the Capilano Courier’s first collaborated event at Seymour’s, which took place on Thursday, September 10, they may continue monthly. For questions or comments about the continuation of monthly events at Seymour’s, contact news.capcourier@gmail.com.

Lydia Adeli

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