Capilano University's 5 Best Professors: According to some Webbed Site

With the final withdrawal date crawling closer everyday, many Cap students are asking themselves if their instructors are worth pursuing long-term educational relationships with. But worry not, friend, for you no longer need to be a good judge of character – the Capilano Courier will do that for you.

For those of you who have been living in an iCave the last few years, allows post-secondary students to anonymously grade their teachers in a number of different facets. The validity of the reviews on the site often come into question, and so they should. After all, there is absolutely nothing barring a bitter student from slandering the reputation of an otherwise upstanding professor, whose only crime may have been giving him a well deserved D-. Nor is there any obstacle standing in the way of an insecure instructor from anonymously inflating their score, either. Take these with a grain of salt.
In hopes of avoiding such caveats, our list of top ranked instructors only includes those with 20 evaluations or more.

Name: Carolyn Beatson
Faculty: Science
Average rank (out of five): 5.0

The verdict: Carolyn is the only instructor at Capilano University to maintain a perfect overall rating after having passed the 20-rating threshold. Most reviewers are sure to mention her cheery demeanaor, easy labs and willingness to help students outside of class time.

Defining quote: “Carolyn Beatson is the Cat’s Meow, hands down. I'm not joking when I say we would hang around after lab to talk with her. Candy after mid-terms, and hands on Bio learning.”

Name: Gerrie Waugh
Faculty: Business
Average rank: 4.9

The verdict: Gerrie’s reviews laud her both for her ability to adequately prepare her students for exams and her great sense of humour. Some of the more blunt evaluators are equally quick to point out that her class was “hard to fail” and an “easy GPA booster”. I’d wager that such concerns won’t raise many red flags among our readership.

Defining quote: “Excellent. What you learn, you use outside of class. It sticks with you.”

Name: Patricia Singer
Faculty: Fine Arts
Average rank: 4.8

The verdict: Singer is an interesting case, as she has managed to keep her absurdly high average intact despite many mentions of her demanding a heavy work load from her students. It seems her captivating lecture style and helpful notes are more than enough to offset the amount of studying that her courses require.

Defining quote: “Tisha is a great teacher: not only because of her in-depth knowledge, but because of her lecturing style, which keeps the class moving and is always engaging. She explains concepts clearly, and doesn't talk in circles.”

Name: Ian Cresswell
Faculty: English
Average rank: 4.7

The verdict: It is hard to get through even one of Ian’s reviews without being bombarded by superlatives. From “unreal” to “amazing” to “dopest prof i ever had”, it isn’t difficult to justify Mr. Cresswell’s place on this list. Students dig his passion and the inclusive nature of his class discussions.

Defining quote: “Pure theatre, and you will be amazed at what you have learned. Clever, funny, helpful. He's slightly hard on the marks, but if you read, listen and attend class, you will be fine. The best instructor I have had - and very easy on the eye. Hot!”

Name: Joseph Fall
Faculty: Computer Science
Average rank: 4.7

The verdict: Joseph’s positive score is reflective of an instructor who is “willing to give up his lunch hour” to assist students and still manages to make his “sometimes boring” subject matter easily digestible.

Defining quote: “He is simply the best teacher I've ever had. He gives up his lunch time to answer your questions even if the question is rather silly and stupid. What's very special about him is he is very organized AND easy going at the same time which is very hard thing to achieve.”

//Jordan Potter
Opinions Editor

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